Welcome to Relevant Life Ministries where we live with Passion, Purpose, and Power!
We understand that you have a choice in where you worship and we’re grateful that you’re considering worshipping at Relevant Life Ministries.
We want you to know that RLM is a bible based church – we’re serious about the word, we’re serious about outreach, we’re serious about discipleship.

Whether you’re the guest of a RLM member  or if you’re looking for a church home.. We welcome you.

Set Up

A movie theatre is an awesome place to have worship services. Comfortable environment and there is not a bad seat in the house. Our volunteers start at 08:30 AM transforming the theatre into the house of God.


By 9:30 am if not earlier, refreshments will be available. If you are new, or a returning visitor, we would love to connect with you at this time – we invite you to approach any of our members if we don’t get to you first!

Equipped For Destiny

Equipped For Destiny are morning classes that are tailored to specific needs. MasterLife, Leadership Training, Financial Freedom, and Radical Relationships are all available to you. Check the Event calendar for class schedules.

Worship As One

Eph. 5:18-19 and Col. 3:16 instruct us in what to sing, and who to sing it to. 1) We should sing truths from the Word of God – of which Jesus Christ is the culmination and cornerstone (John 5:39; Eph. 2:20); 2) we should sing with thankful hearts to God and to one another. This is the desire and aim of the music ministry at Relevant Life Ministries.

Preached Word

No gimmicks – No hype: Just the Word of God.
We desire above all else to experience the power of God for change by the only method we know that works – applying the principles of God’s word to our day-to-day living.

Worship in Giving

God has expressed Himself through the word as a Giver. John 3:16 expresses the depth of God’s love towards us that He gave His only Son. Biblical giving is our expression of gratitude to God for His love and our giving is the means by which we share that love to others. At Relevant Life Ministries, we committed to demonstrating God’s love by word and by deed.