The Revealed Kingdom

The Revealed Kingdom

Our God is constantly and consistently challenging us to experience His awesome and supernatural kingdom. Whether through the miracle of complete healing or through the miracle of a new day, He wants His people to experience the power and the dominion of His kingdom.

We experience His kingdom by allowing God to establish His rule in our hearts. In other words we submit to His Kingdom rule. The bible calls this the “Kingdom of God” – the expanse and rule of God in the earth in the hearts of mankind. The kingdom of God is His influence and the His dominion and His authority lived out in our day to day living.

IN Matthew 16 Jesus asked this question” Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?” The answer many gave was that men say that He was one of the prophets. Close but not good enough. The problem was that most people could see Jesus’ humanity but couldn’t see His deity. Not only was He the “Son of Man” (which speaks towards His being fully human) but He is also the “Son of God” (which speaks to His Deity, second person the Holy trinity)

Why is this important? Because understanding Jesus is fundamental to God’s established rule and His dominion in our lives. Without Jesus there is no kingdom in the hearts of man, there is no experiencing His awesome and supernatural kingdom.

Peter answered “You are the Christ Son of the living God”. Peter got a revelation and an understanding as to who Jesus really is.

His Kingdom is a Revealed Kingdom

This understanding that Peter got was not the invention human intellect. “Flesh and blood” didn’t bring about this awareness. Peter made himself available to receive truth. He opened his heart to the Father and God filled Peter’s heart with a revelation that would change his life forever. Thus was not information but revelation. Information excites, but revelation empowers. Information comes through the internet, social media, magazines. Revelation come through the Word of God. It’s source is God and it is only gotten through God.

Oddly, we can all sit and hear the same sermons, the same songs sung, yet can walk away so very differently effected. Do you go to church seeking information or revelation?

His Kingdom is an Offensive Kingdom

This is where the word “church” is first mentioned in the New Testament. Jesus said that it is upon this revelation of who He is that He would build His church, His called out assembly. But called out to do what?

In verse 18 He says “and the gates of hades(hell) shall not prevail against it(church)”. We’re the church called out to fulfil God’s agenda and the gates of our enemy shall not stop it. Interestingly, gates are defensive. God’s church is called to be offensive and on the aggressive. Aggressive about fulfilling God’s agenda and not our own.

What this tells us is that the church can expect opposition, resistance, hindrances, but that ultimately they will not prevail. We win. In fact, we’ve already won. Jesus’ victory on calvary secured our victory. How directly we would feel about doing God’s work when we came to the awareness that we’ve already won!

His Kingdom is an Empowered Kingdom

In verse 19 Jesus stated that this obtaining of revelation comes with empowerment. Keys He calls it. Keys gives access, keys denote authority for use. Those who have a biblical understanding of Jesus and those who have submitted to His kingdom rule in their lives have been given access to the power of His kingdom. His kingdom is a kingdom of power and authority which he makes available to His people. What does that authority do for us? It brings everything under the subjection of God’s rule and order. It binds and restricts all that is not permitted according to the Word of God and it looses and releases all that is permitted according to the Word of God.

We experience God’s awesome and supernatural kingdom through His revealed Son, through His offensive agenda, and through His spiritual empowerment. This is what happens when we get a revelation of His kingdom.


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