The Kingdom Priority

The Kingdom Priority

We live life based on priorities. Our priorities dictate our pursuits. Our pursuits are what we value. Our values are what we spend  resources to obtain. My checkbook and my time reveals my true priorities.  What I spend time and money to obtain, these are my personal priorities.

As followers of Christ, the Word of God challenges us  not to live life in pursuit of personal priorities (people, power, and possessions).  Rather, we’re challanged to live life  based upon kingdom priorities (God’s plan and agenda for our lives). 
Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” – NKJV.

When we pursue personal priorities over kingdom priorities the results are obvious – worry, anxiety, and stress. We worry about bills, stress about money, and anxious over family, and relationships. When our priorities are out of order we worry about things for which we have no responsibility. In short, we try unsuccessfully to provide for ourselves – we try to do God’s job! (silly huh?)

Pursuing kingdom priorities keeps us focused on our only responsibility and that is  simply to seek God! Seek Him through  His word, through His worship,  and  through our commitment to living out His plan for our lives.

God’s promise to us is that if we will keep His kingdom priorities first, that He can be trusted and relied upon to provide for our every need.  Pursuing His kingdom priorities means doing our part and surrounding to God what is His part.

That leaves us with nothing to worry about.


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