The Church for People Who are CHURCHED OUT!

The Church for People Who are CHURCHED OUT!

We Confess

Ok yes, we’re a NEW church. Now that We’ve gotten that out of the way let’s talk about who we are.
Frankly, we’re a group of flawed people, we have problems, we have habits, no where NEAR perfect. We’re too honest with ourselves to pretend otherwise. In fact, perfection isn’t our goal. Our goal is to live a Relevant LIFE.

Who are are

We just want to make the community we live in a little better than the way we found it and we want to learn and grow along the way. We’re passionate about community service and strengthening families and marriages. We support education and we don’t believe you have to be at church ALL day to learn a few things..

You’re Welcomed Here

We’re REAL, RELEVANT, and RELATE-ABLE – come check us out… (oh you can put your suit away.. we’re casual)
DoubleTree Conference Center 2780 Windy Ridge Pkwy, Atlanta GA 30339

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