Our Core Values

These are the four Core Values of Relevant LIFE Ministries. We believe that these values are our guiding principals to accomplishing the agenda of God for this church.


Kingdom purpose is the knowledge and acceptance that God created us with His purpose in mind. God‘s purpose begins first at accepting the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and continues as we mature in the word and become increasingly yielded to the purpose God had in mind when He created us.God’s intent is to save us through His Son and to fill us with His Holy Spirit to the point where we are actively pursuing His purpose for our lives every day. This is what we call living out your assignment.


We completely believe in the power of the word of God through biblical knowledge and right application. It is the foundation of this church and the lives of its membership. We are committed to sound biblical and exegetical presentations of the word of God.


Relevant LIFE Ministries is dedicated to practical and meaningful community service in an organic way. We will proclaim with our mouths and demonstrate with our hands the truth of the love of God for our community.


Relevant Life Ministries is committed to real and authentic ministry.   We will be transparent and relate-able, compassionate and caring, always speaking the truth in love.