Relevant Relationships

The March 6th Relevant Relationship Forum was OUT-standing…

 Awesome… I Loved It!! – megrddn96

Enlightening! Way to Bring it Pastor Eddie & Sis. Cledra!! – M.Cunningham

What a treat! We just enjoyed the Most Amazing Relationship Forum hosted by two of God’s Chosen. Can’t wait until next month!!!! -T.Wall

We had a wonderful panel of couples and attendees that were ON POINT!!! Well get ready because here comes MORE… On April 3rd we’ll be talking about NAKED AGENDAS… (Moving from (Di)Vision to Vision in Your relationship) and (Can You ROLL with Your ROLE) just two of the subjects we’ll discuss… there’s more and I wouldn’t miss it!!! Ever been in a relationship and realized months or years down the road that you two were going in different directions? Or, that you two had grown apart? In Naked Agendas, we will discuss how to avoid wasting time in relationships that GO NO WHERE. And how to steer your relationship back on course to avoid another “fade to black” waste of time… If you keep doing the same things you’ll keep getting the same results! These Kingdom principals will definitely help you have the Relevant Relationship you desire..   We’ll see you there! “Commitment is HOTT..Drama is NOT!

Appetizers will be served.  The event is FREE but seating IS LIMITED! RSVP NOW!

April 3rd 2014 at 7:pm

DoubleTree Conference Center  2780 Windy Ridge Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339

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