New Experiences and Fresh Revelation

New Experiences and Fresh Revelation

Abraham was completely confused by the instruction he received from God – “Take your only Isaac to a place I will tell you and there I want you to offer him as a sacrifice to Me.”
Although Abraham was confused and challenged by the instructions he nonetheless set out to obey God. God didn’t want Isaac as a sacrifice He wanted Abraham to have a freshened experience and a new revelation of Him. Jehovah Raphi – The God who Provides.

God instructions and His leading doesn’t always makes sense but when we trust Him to act on what we hear, we’re always blessed by a fresh experience and a new revelation of our God. 
We come away knowing Him personally and more intimately. God above desires that we know Him.

How do we place ourselves in a position to have new experiences and fresh revelations of God? We:

  1. Make the commitment to get into His presence through consistent church attendance and come to know His voice  through His knowledge of His word. Reading God’s word helps us to hear His voice clearly.
  2. Move on what God is saying to you. Don’t just hear Him but also respond. You won’t have all the details and that’s ok. Trust His voice and move in the spirit of faith and obedience.
  3. Walk out His instruction fully. At times you will be challenged to give up. It’s never easy to follow the instructions to the end. God knows that and He is right there in the journey with you. When we follow through we arrive at the place of blessings  joy, and fulfillment that come only come from God

I pray that you’ll seek God for a new experience in Him and a fresh revelation of who He is.  



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