Let God build it

Let God build it

“Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain.” Psalms 127:1 NKJV


Every pastor wants to be a great pastor, or at the least a good pastor. Especially planting pastors. Reading and researching are hallmarks of the life of a church planter. So much information, so much advice, so much criticism. There is not a single area of ministry that someone hasn’t learned how to monetize under the guise of helping, supporting the church planter. Consultants for leadership, audio/video, sermon presentation, websites, and even church operations. The advice of one consultant is the rebuke from another consultant. All of this can leave the church planting pastor running in circles.


I’ve read a lot, studied the behaviors of successful ministries, evaluated, assessed, critiqued, and adjusted in accordance to what an “expert” suggestion. But then I read Psalms 127:1.


It’s not like I hadn’t read this verse before, but this day I saw something in it that set me free. This day I got the advise that I hadn’t read in any brochure, book, or church growth conference.


It simply said to me “Let the Lord build the house”.  Yeah, imagine a consultant putting that on their website: “We have but one church growth strategy to offer you so that you can be successful in ministry…. Let the Lord build your ministry/church”


Does that mean don’t evaluate, or assess, or critique, or adjust. Of course not. It does mean that we have to follow the plans that God has for our church and our church only. It means that we aren’t responsible for the plan, we’re responsible for the work. God has His part and we have ours.


This verse spoke clearly to me to trust God to do the part that only He can do else my labor will be in vain. The verse didn’t say that would not build something but it will not be what God intended. Who wants to be successful doing the wrong thing? Who wants to produce something that isn’t what God wants? Is that what we determined success to be?


My prayer as a pastor is “Lord what do You want?” I do not want to build something that God does not want.


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