God is Stretching Me

God is Stretching Me

Sermon Series: Driven by Destiny

There is a difference between fate and destiny. Fate is beyond our control. Destiny is a choice that extends beyond what fate has dealt you. You can choose to simply live on whatever level fate offers or you can allow God to stretch you towards your destiny. You cannot do both.

The “Me” Theology

The message most preached today is from a  “ME” Theology (I decide what I want for my life; Where I want to go in my life; I make my own choices for my future and then tell God what I want Him to bless). Our point of view is Man-to-god rather than God-to-man. The Man-to-god point of view attempts to make Sovereign God take a back seat to our wishes, desires, and decisions for our lives rather then our submission to His desires and plans for our lives.

Another problem with the Man-to-god point of view is that it places man in a position where he can never accomplish his divine purpose. The Man-to-god point of view says that man’s desires IS his divine purpose. What man wants must be what God wants because man wants it. However, purpose was created before man and at birth man is paired with his purpose. (Jeremiah 1:5) The God-to-man point of view allows us to discover that we were created and born into God’s purpose. God has a purpose for each and every one of us. The question is will we yield to God’s purpose or will we continue to drive our own agendas with the expectation of God’s endorsement?

I have found that in many cases what we want for ourselves and what God wants for us is often times the same. However, God may have a different road He wants us to travel getting us to a better destination far greater than what we expected. The destination is always fulfillment of destiny when we abandon our agenda for His.