God is bigger than our bad decisions

God is bigger than our bad decisions

He is bigger than my bad decisions

The Bible is pregnant with flawed people who have made bad decisions. That’s why I love the Bible, I feel right at home with the scores of other not-even-close to perfect people found there.

Basically, I see two types of bad decisions in the Bible that tells us all:
The right out, no questions about it, bad decisions are borne out of greed, selfishness, and pure evil. These decisions we were clear about when we made them. No excuses, we did them because we wanted to and knew they were wrong when we did them

The other is the bad decisions with good intentions. These are the ones that mostly trip us up. Decisions we made thinking we were helping or trying to prove something, or we were exercising our moral indignation about a sin that wasn’t ours.

Either way, right out bad or bad with good intentions, the end results are the same. A bad decision can set us back for years. They can cause incredible regret and significant loss.

Moses made a bad decision, he killed an Egyptian and hid his body in the sand. A Bad decision I’m sure he wanted to take back. We all have that ONE decision  (or like me a few more than one) we’d like a do-over. The decision that hunts us and makes us spend time in the land of regret.

The great news is that even though Moses made a whale of a mistake, a bad decision that he wished he could take back, God wasn’t done with him. God shows up in the burning bush to meet Moses at his place of regret. “I got a mission for you Moses”

Wow, every bad decision we’ve may have surprised us but not God. He already knows the length and breadth of our days good or bad. In spite of our bad decisions, God has a mission for us. He still wants to use us. He has not given up on us, so let’s not give up on ourselves.

Our God is far bigger than our bad decisions.


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