God in the Valley

God in the Valley

He sends the springs into the valleys; they flow among the hills.

Psalms 104:10 NKJV


 We live for the mountaintop experiences. The mountain tops are those times in our lives when all is well, things have lined up as we planned, peace and prosperity abound. It’s on the mountain tops we give our testimonies about the goodness of God and He is faith till the end. It is our mountaintop accomplishments that go on our resumes, our business cards.

What can sometimes forget is that there are no mountaintop moments without valley experiences. The valley lows. The times when we’re in a struggle and our future doesn’t seem sure. Life’s hurts, pains, and disappointments dwell in the valley.

David proclaimed that even when he goes through the valley he will fear no evil because his God is every with him. What confidence while facing the darkness of life’s valleys.

We can share that same confidence to know that our valley experiences are necessary to our development. We’re molded in the valley, shaped in the valley, and our faith hardened by the experiences of the valley.

When I find myself in yet another valley my tendency immediately is to ask God to get me out. Today. I’ve grown quite a bit in the valley, so I no longer ask God to get me out, I ask for strength and faith to endure the valleys.

Our valleys can be hard to endure to the point of our wanting to give in to pressure they bring. Never forget that our God is sovereign, there is nothing or no one of higher authority. If I’m in a valley God had to allow it. We must embrace the reality that God is less God in the valley than He is on the mountain tops. He is still sovereign. When he doesn’t get us OUT He will always get us THROUGH.  He sends the refreshing waters of the springs down the mountain and they flow into our valleys. He will give us exactly what we need to get us through. Be encouraged.


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