FisherMEN Becoming Fishermen

FisherMEN Becoming Fishermen

Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” – Mathew 4:19 NKJV


God has an Agenda for MEN

Walking by the sea Jesus called out to a few fisherMEN with this challenge and invitation: “Follow Me”.

God’s agenda is gender inclusive and definitely NOT to the exclusion of men. So the question is where are the men? If Jesus called men to be fishers of men, then it seems then that we;re in a conundrum. Men make the fishermen needed to become fishers of men. Men then fisherMEN. If men are absent where does the church get the personnel necessary to develop men to become  fishermen. If it takes men to become fisherMEN to reach other men, then how do we reach MEN?

A Call to the  Kingdom

It begins with a call.. What’s interesting about Jesus’ invitation is that He called them to leave their nets, the boats, and all that was associated with fishing. “Follow Me” and the men immediately left their nets. Oh how I wish it was just this simple. But, may be it is that simple. When Jesus spoke to these men, He didn’t speak to their occupation, He spoke to their pre-occupation.

His Kingdom is an Empowered Kingdom

In verse 19 Jesus stated that this obtaining of revelation comes with empowerment. Keys He calls it. Keys gives access, keys denote authority for use. Those who have a biblical understanding of Jesus and those who have submitted to His kingdom rule in their lives have been given access to the power of His kingdom. His kingdom is a kingdom of power and authority which he makes available to His people. What does that authority do for us? It brings everything under the subjection of God’s rule and order. It binds and restricts all that is not permitted according to the Word of God and it looses and releases all that is permitted according to the Word of God.

We experience God’s awesome and supernatural kingdom through His revealed Son, through His offensive agenda, and through His spiritual empowerment. This is what happens when we get a revelation of His kingdom.


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