Daughters of Inheritance

Daughter.. You Have An INHERITANCE!

The Daughters of Zelophehad:

Why should the name of our father be removed from among his family because he had no son? Give us a possession among our father’s brothers.” – Numbers 27:4 NKJV

You Have An Inheritance:

The father of theses daughters died without sons  to which to leave his inheritance. The culture of that day there was no provision for the daughters in the absence of sons. The inheritance would go to someone else. However the daughters of Zelophehad would not accept losing what was rightfully theirs because of the culture. They claimed the inheritance that was rightfully theirs.

Daughters of Inheritance women’s ministry empowers women all over this nation to realize that you do not have to lose what’s rightfully yours due to the culture of this world. Your Father God has left His daughters with a precious inheritance in the kingdom. This ministry of women-to-women promotes healing, encouragement, fellowship, and accountability to support women to have and to achieve all that God has for them.

Don’t accept the brokenness, lost, neglect that this culture offers, You have an inheritance from God that needs to be claimed! You are a daughter of Inheritance!


What the Women of Daughters Of Inheritence are saying:

The Women’s Book Club has really helped me to feel secure within myself.  I can relate to other women in the Book Club with similar personal issues that I once thought only I struggled with. Powerful unity among women who show each other love, compassion, motivation and honesty.

Teairra Gates


Through the powerful fellowship experience of the Daughters of Inheritance book club, I was recently blessed with a certain spiritual confirmation that has since allowed me to have a more devoted relationship with the Father. I thank God for His powerful movement within these ladies!.

Elisha McLendon


Daughters of Inheritance Women’s Ministry

Daughter’s of Inheritance is the women’s ministry at RELEVANT LIFE Ministries and the passion of First Lady and Christian Life Coach Cledra Gross.

“Our focus is to make GOD first in ALL things. All are welcomed to attend this free event.  The cost…a willingness to let go of what isn’t working and to seek GOD first. – Cledra”


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