Begin Every Day with These Two Things

Begin Every Day with These Two Things

Begin Every Day with These TWO Things

Every believer should start their day with, at least these, two things.. no not coffee and a bagel. That comes a little later. No, we should start our day with a Praise and a Petition.

Start with a Praise

The first thing every believer should start their day with is a praise on to the Lord!

What a miracle it is to wake up to another day. What a gift life is. Beginning our day with a heart of thanksgiving for being alive sets the tone for the remainder of our day. Before your inbox has a chance to sour your mood, before the hustle and bustle of life begins to intrude, before the attempts of the cares of this world to weight us down, we begin with a PRAISE in our spirits unto the Lord. Praise is way of saying that despite it all God is still good and we completely trust in Him. Praise is our way of exalting our God above anything in this world.

When we start our day with praise unto the Lord, we’ve given to Him the first fruit of our day. If the first fruit is holy then the lump is holy.

Start with a Petition

The next thing every believer should start their day with is a petition from the Lord!

No, this is still not coffee and bagel time. The petition we must ask of God starting our day is not a petition for us. We should start with a petition about Him. The petition we should bring to Him at the start of our day is “Lord, what is my assignment for today?”

It is God’s desire that we bring the reality of His kingdom into this earth on a daily basis. “Thy kingdom come” means to bring the reality of God sovereignty to earth just as He is sovereign in heaven (on earth as it is in heaven). Since the kingdom of God is WITHIN us, then that means we bring His kingdom with us wherever we go. So His kingdom comes through us and by us as we yield in obedience to His will for our lives. God wants to be revealed in this earth to those who do not know Him. He calls us  the light of the world, the candles on hills, the salt of this earth. We are the vessels of His glory and the reality of His presence in the earth. He works through us.

The reality is that the closest a person may come to seeing God this day may be the God they see in you. God has an assignment for us to let our light shine in this dark world. This is not a passive, benign, and unobtrusive assignment. It is a direct, purposeful, and unapologetic assignment to confront darkness with the light of the gospel of Jesus lived out in the spirit of love. Everyday is another opportunity to used by God for His glory in your community of influence.

So we should begin our day with “Thank you Lord for giving me the gift of life this day. Now, what do You want me to do with it!”


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