7 Ways You Can Help Relevant Life Ministries Help People

7 Ways You Can Help Relevant Life Ministries Help People

For these 3 years, we haven’t use any paid advertising or marketing, with the exception of one thing – Facebook ads. We understand that social networking is woven into our culture and an emerging generation of leaders communicates more openly than ever before. So social networking has been a driving force in our sharing the gospel, building relationships, and meeting new people.

The beauty of using social media as a church is that every member of our community is already empowered to spread the word naturally, online and offline, through our various networks of relationships. Facebook, Twitter,  and other tools are merely making that task easier. So our challenge is simple: Help us spread the message of Christ and the awesome ministry we have here at RLM.  Share your faith.

Here are seven ways you can help Relevant Life Ministries anytime to build relationships and share the gospel.

  1. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  2. “Check in” on Facebook every time you’re at Relevant Life, or an event we’re hosting. More of your friends will see this than most of the other things you’re posting.
  3. Click “like” on posts you see on Facebook by Relevant Life Ministries, which helps our content spread further to be seen by others. Facebook’s algorithm shows people what it thinks is most “relevant,” and it makes that determination partly based on the number of likes, comments, and shares a post has received.
  4. Write a review of Relevant Life Ministries and give us five stars! It helps us come up in search results for churches in the area and it’s a brief, simple way to share a piece of your experience with others.
  5. Take photos and videos at church and church-related events, then post them to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.! You can also  email them to info@relevantlifeministries.org and we’ll use them here and there.
  6. Post, as a tweet or Facebook status update, a short quote from a sermon, or a lyric from a song we’re singing, and put #RLM in your post.
  7. Invite people to Relevant Life Events using your social networks online and offline.

We have an awesome church family. There are others who are looking for a place like Relevant Life Ministires – let’s HELP them find us! In doing so, we’re actively evangelizing the online community for Christ.


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